blanket scarves FTW

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What do we love more than multifunctional clothing? Hmmm, almond croissants, and puppies dressed up for Halloween, but that’s a story for another post. Blanket scarves are so clutch for the cooler temps in fall and winter. Yes, it gets a bit “cooler” here in California, both LA and SF can get down into the low 50’s in the winter. A blanket scarf is both stylish, warm, and can be worn in multiple ways (video here). It’s basically a socially acceptable way to wrap yourself in a blanket and go out in public. We support that 100%. Blanket scarves are also a super easy way to upgrade any “boring” outfit. Throw on a monochromatic look with a fun scarf and you just went from 0-hero.

blanket scarf // jeans // booties (similar) // blouse // Revlon Ultra HD Matte in Love

here are some other blanket scarves we love:

UO //  Lulu’s // ASOS // Nasty Gal