The List no. 1

We’re taking a poll: are there any gals out there who don’t love playing around with their hair and makeup? Oh – there aren’t? That’s what we thought! So, we are serving you up some of our BALM approved beauty tips, tricks and trends for all you girly-girls out there.


top knot

Whether it’s because of the east coast humidity or the 100 degree blazing sun of Cali, sometimes you just have to accept that you’re not going to have a good hair day.  Well, the top knot is sort of like your long-time BFF – always there when you need it and helps you to keep your sh*t together.  Messy or slicked back & tight, the top-knot is easy and effortless – perfect for a jog on the beach or a windy fall wedding!

how to:
messy: flip your head over to pull the hair together and as you tie your elastic, try to allow the whole length of your hair through before wrapping around again.  this will make your bun appear thicker and fuller. use a teasing comb to gently pull the front of your hair back to create the “undone” look.
sleek:  you’re going to need a fine tooth comb, two elastics, and some hair spray.  first, make sure you brush out all the bumps until your hair is smooth. then, make a pony-tail at the top, center of your head; wrap the remaining hair around and then tie again. use a bobby pin to tuck in any hairs that didn’t make it into the hair tie. say goodbye to your baby hairs and frizzies with a little tight-hold hairspray.  if you’re having trouble with the elastic or if you just have a lot of hair, try the Goody Spin Pins for extra hold!


“the bend”

Nothing like an oldie but goodie! We’ve tried this look over and over and we constantly switch up our technique trying to get it just right.  The best way we’ve found to achieve #hairgoals is actually using our flat iron.  If you divide your hair into 1 inch sections and glide each section through the straightener as if you were curling a ribbon you will be sure to get those mermaid waves every girl dreams of.  Keep the waves in tact all day long with a spritz of Fredric Fekkai Wave Spray.

*disclaimer* if you want to pump up the volume, take your 1.5 inch curling iron and wrap a few different pieces in opposite directions.  it will give your bend a little oomph! if you do decide to use an curler or wand, be sure to leave the ends of your hair out.

the bend hairstyle



Braids are in there’s no question about that, and we couldn’t be happier. Where do we begin?! French, waterfall, fishtail, thick, thin, up, down – what can’t you do with a braid! They get an A+ in our book.  The key here is having fun – don’t be scared to use a couple braids at once.  If you want to try the look below, also don’t be scared to as a friend for a little assistance.

braided hairstyle


#1. too faced better than sex mascara: When you have a summer tan going on there are days when this baby is all you need before scooting out of the house.  It really makes your eyes/lashes pop!

#2. clinique long last matte lipstick: Few things are more annoying than constantly having to reapply your lip color.  This stick will definitely put all your problems to an end.

#3. benefit hoola bronzer: This bronzer has been in our makeup bag for 10+ years and that’s what makes it a tried and true VIP and BALM fave. The color is not orange-y and gives the perfect “I swear I’m from Cali” glow. For those of us who still haven’t perfected the contour we sweep some across the forehead, dust the cheekbones and jawline. If you’re persistent with getting the contour thing, peep this quick tutorial from our gf, Garineh at G.L’Amour Cosmetics (warning: she makes it look easy).

#4. smashbox eye and cheek palette (similar): Think of a color and we promise you this palette will have it.  We love to use custard as a base with java and nutmeg for bronzed vibes or smoke, ebony and cement for a smokey feel.  Finish it off with a little bit of the highlighter/blush and voila!

#5. urban decay de-slick makeup setting spray: If you’ve been taking notes this whole time, you’re going to want to go immediately test some of this stuff out – and thennnn you’re REALLY going to want to go show it off. Our helpful hint for keeping things in place all night long is a healthy mist of this UD setting spray.

#6. goody spin pins-ESSENTIAL for keeping your top knot up top. Two of these bad boys in medium length and thickness hair and you are good to go. You literally just twist them into your bun and it will hold your style all day long.

#7. ardell double individual falsies: Have an event, or just a fun night out? Individual falsies add the perfect amount of drama to your eyes without going over the top.

#8. it’s a 10 miracle leave-in product: Our hair would be dead (literally) without this product. It repairs damaged hair, detangles, controls frizz, protects from heat, and 6 other things. Legit miracle product and another BALM fave.

#9: nyx wonder pencil: We use this guy on our lash line, under our brows, and on our cupid’s bow to make things POP!